A Christmas Peril

Xmas Peril '96 Nwsppr’Tis the night before Christmas and all through the mall

Not a female is shopping, just men one and all.

The guys are all strung out on cola and fries,

In hopes that a gift will appear ’fore their eyes.

Wandering aimlessly aisles in each shop,

Fin’ly grasping the meaning of “Shop ’til you drop.”

A glance at the kids’ list, no meaning it has.

Bieber & Gaga? What happened to jazz?

Maybe he’ll look for a treat for his wife.

It better be right if he values his life.

She warned him that this was his pitiful fate;

To frantically search ’til the very last date.

“There’s plenty of time,” he heard himself gloat.

Gee, maybe she’d like this blow-up rowboat.

Then what to his weakening eyes should appear,

But a sign, “Need some Gift Cards? Please buy them here.”

He rushes right up to the counter and buys

One for each kiddie and two for his wife.

Hooray! He exclaims as he climbs in the truck.

That wasn’t so tough. It was skill, not just luck.

Ahh yes. Home at last. Then he opens the sack.

Oh Gawd! he cries out. What store was he at?

The “Fluff ‘n’ Puff Dog Grooming Clinic” it reads.

The sweat on his forehead starts forming in beads.

He’s dead meat he knows it. The kids and the spouse

Will never let him out of Fido’s dog house.

Surprise of surprises his family’s not mad.

Instead they all spend their gift cards on Dad.

They schedule ol’ Pop for the full service “do.”

He shows up reluctantly. Hey, wouldn’t you?

Well he has to admit his new haircut’s a go.

But it’ll take him some time to get used to the bow.


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2 responses to “A Christmas Peril

  1. Nancy

    Thank you, I enjoyed this……more please!

  2. Really a good one. I’m reading to my family now. Christmas Eve AKA Dads-Shopping-Day.

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