Surprise? Not so much…by guest contributor, Jackson Whitesel

aconeTwo weeks ago i went to my grandmas house to celebrate my mom’s birthday I was really excited because my grandma said that she had a very special dessert picked out boy was i surprised when the dessert turned out to be nasty fake raspberry ice cream. First of all the texture of the raspberry ice cream is disgusting my first mouthful was just sickening it tasted like little pieces of glass and dirt. I felt like throwing up. And, it’s the most boring dessert! When someone says i’ll treat you to ice cream i don’t expect to get a lumpy bowl of cold fruit. On top of being disappointed by a fruity dessert i particularly don’t like artifically flavored anything what kid would pick raspberry ice cream over good old chocolate or vanilla. So the next time someone tells you they have a very exciting dessert planed don’t get your hopes up.IMG_3431 - Copy

Jackson Whitesel, budding humor blogger and entrepreneur enjoys swimming, riding his bike, and performing improv. He lives in the California foothills with his mom, two cats, and a goldfish named Bobby.



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4 responses to “Surprise? Not so much…by guest contributor, Jackson Whitesel

  1. Robert Pilkey

    poor kid. sounds like you make that ice cream yourself?! next time buy store bought. now you’re gonna have to buy him a new skateboard or car or something.


  2. Yep, your grandson has the funny gene. I hope he keeps being a guest blogger. And next time, pull a bigger prank on him.

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