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The Princess and the Placeholder

princess2a boyMy brother thinks he’s a writer. Gary got the notion after receiving positive feedback for his letters to the editor of a hot rod magazine. Now his favorite line is, “I can’t not write.” Whatever.

You see, I am a writer, and he knows this. I’ve taken countless creative writing courses, entered contests too numerous to mention, placed respectably in a few, and have indeed been paid for my work.

Gary has had his nose in one auto monthly or another for as long as I can remember. But I’ll bet he’s still more entertained by the pictures of all the pretty cars painted in crayon box colors, with shiny chrome blowers protruding from flame-striped hoods, than he is in the actual articles. Continue reading


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Bad Nurse or The Princess and the Patient

badnurseDr. Cheng pulled purple gloves off delicate hands after examining his latest surgical exploit, performed on my husband’s scalp. “You’ll need to stay indoors for a few weeks, Mr. Thompson.”

Jerry sat on the edge of the exam table, his hands fidgeting in his lap. “I like to get out back and water the plants a couple times a week. Would that be OK?”

I leaned against the back of the chair I was sitting in next to the door, entranced by the covers of  ancient magazines in the rack on the wall. An issue of Good Housekeeping dated in the last century caught my eye.

Doc hesitated. “It’s important that you not go outdoors at all, at least for awhile.” Then he glanced in my direction. Continue reading

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